Phase 2: Round 1



Mercy Corps

Best Civil Society and Market Networks for Pro-Poor Sustainable Development in the Ayeyarwady Delta 
The key innovation of Mercy Corps’ project involves the introduction of a market-based approach to energy poverty as part of a DRR strategy following Cyclone Nargis. High quality fuel efficient stoves have been designed, tested, and commercialized through a network of CSOs. Access to affordable stoves reduces household expenditure on fuel by over US$70 per year, while conserving protective forest land and supporting entrepreneurship.  The project has also provided a platform for motivated community members to play a rare active role in civil society, creating an incubator for a new generation of civil leaders and enabling a bottom-up approach to local problem solving. 

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Heifer International

Uganda Domestic Biogas Program
Heifer International’s Uganda Domestic Biogas Program improves farmers’ lives through access to cleaner, cheaper energy. Financial, labor and health costs of charcoal and firewood, combined with availability of livestock manure in project communities makes small-scale biogas units for cooking and lighting attainable and indispensible. Heifer will install 12,000 units over five years and help develop a market-oriented biogas industry. Through Heifer’s Pass on the Gift model, farmers share with their neighbors technical knowledge in building, operating and maintaining biogas units. These skills can also serve as a source of income for participants who choose to build and sell the units.

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