Ending Extreme Poverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is October 17, and while we have long recognized the day's significance, this year is special. This year, it comes against a backdrop of world leaders, civil society, and everyday people joining together behind a bold call: an end to extreme poverty. Not in 100 years. Not in 50. But by 2030.

It is possible. We have made enormous progress: Extreme poverty rates in the developing world are half what they were just two decades ago. How? It happened in part through smart, collaborative efforts that are built from the ground up and empower people to improve their lives. In commemoration of Poverty Day, we are spending this week highlighting individual programs that are already working - many of them with the support of the American people through U.S. foreign assistance.

These individual life-changing programs collectively add up to significant global change. As we move forward, we must support these efforts and insist on a world free of extreme poverty. It's not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing. Building economic prosperity is good for us all.

Extreme poverty is an unacceptable problem – but not an intractable one. Join us to make our generation the one that ends extreme poverty.

Act to #EndPoverty:

1. Read and share these blogs highlighting work around the world to end extreme poverty. 

2. Explore the work already being done, via NGO Aid Map.

3. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter that our generation can end extreme poverty.

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#EndPoverty Blogging Series

In commemoration of Poverty Day on October 17, InterAction and our members this week are rolling out a series of articles highlighting projects that are making a difference. Check back here for the latest posts in the series, follow the conversation on Twitter with #EndPoverty, and raise your voice to end extreme poverty. 

Day One:

Celebrating World Poverty Day with a Bold Commitment (Sam Worthington, InterAction)

Young People are Making Noise - and We Should Listen (Lauren McKown, Pathfinder International)

Day Two:

A Match Made in Yemen: Entrepreneurs Play a Key Role in Fighting Malnutrition (Keith Proctor, Mercy Corps)

Epicenters: Do Everything at Once (John Coonrod, The Hunger Project)

Day Three:

Working Together to Reduce Poverty (Paul Guenette, ACDI/VOCA)

Empowering Entrepreneurs in Zambia (Shelby Benson, World Vision)

Day Four:

The Global Health Crisis You've Never Heard Of (Jennifer Wilmore, ReSurge International)

Pitfalls and Promising Potential – Using Mobile Technology in the Fight against Extreme Poverty in India (Marianna Hensley, Catholic Relief Services - India)