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Agriculture & Food Security: Overview

Agriculture & Food Security

Globally, almost 800 million people are hungry, and malnutrition causes half of all deaths of children under the age of 5 (nearly 3 million). Hunger and malnutrition rob women and men of healthy, productive lives, and stunt the mental and physical development of future generations. This underscores the importance of agricultural development and food and nutrition security programs in vulnerable countries. Investments in food and nutrition security and agricultural development can act as engines of economic growth and reduced poverty, directly addressing the root cause of acute hunger and malnutrition.

Investing in food and nutrition security has a ripple effect across a community — and the world — improving health, education and economic opportunities that empower people. InterAction’s works on a number of levels to address hunger and agricultural development is listed below.

Featured Resource: Food Security Infographics

Infographic: The Ripple Effect of Food Security -- World Concern
Infographic: The Ripple Effect of Food Security -- LWR
Infographic: The Ripple Effect of Food Security -- Care
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Woman with tomatoesFood Security Working Group

InterAction hosts a monthly meeting for members working on food and nutrition security. Learn more about our working group here and how to get involved.

Tree plantersEnvironment & Climate

InterAction hosts the Climate, Environment and Development listserv for members interested in climate and the environment. Join the conversation here and learn how climate and the environment, and food and nutrition security relate to one another.

Picking riceFood Security Aid Map

InterAction’s NGO Aid Map increases the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualizations. NGO Aid Map gives a picture of international aid that would not exist otherwise.

Tea harvestIFAD

With funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), this project seeks to enable farmers’ organizations and NGO networks to engage more strategically and effectively in national agricultural development policy debates, advocacy, and partnerships. InterAction will provide an in-country training and technical assistance to networks in Tanzania and Uganda.

Couple plowingInitiative for Open Ag Funding

The Initiative for Open Ag Funding seeks to support efforts to end hunger and food insecurity by ensuring that organizations have the information they need to make smarter investments in the agriculture and food security sector.
To do so, this initiative is focused on improving the quality, availability and timeliness of data on agricultural investments.

Couple plowingResources & Reports

Your one-stop-shop for all resources on these issues.