G7/G20: Overview


The 2015 G20 summit will be held November 15-16 in Antalya, Turkey. Leaders from the world's advanced and emerging economies will meet to discuss issues of vital importance to the global economy. Click here to read a fact sheet about the G20 summit in Turkey, 2015.

      The Turkish G20 Presidency has released these key messages as well as a paper outlining their priorities for the summit, which fall under three main pillars:

      • Strengthening the global recovery and lifting potential
      • Enhancing resilience 
      • Buttressing sustainability 

      Official documents released from various ministerial meetings include a Communiqué produced from the Youth Ministers' Meeting in Istanbul on August 19, 2015.  The meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers' and the Central Bank Governors Meeting in Ankara on September 4-5 produced this Communiqué. The Energy Ministers' Meeting in Istanbul on October 2 produced this Communiqué

      A full schedule of 2015 G20 events, along with additional background information, can be found here. The U.S. G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance has composed a policy paper detailing its recommendations for the summit, which can be found here

      "G20" by Marcin. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons

      "G20" by Marcin. 

      G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance (U.S.)

      The G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance is a group of 40+ InterAction members and allies who work together to influence the annual G7 and G20 summits. The Alliance meets on an as needed basis beginning eight to nine months prior to each summit to select policy issues to advocate on, based on the summit agendas. In recent years, these issues have included anti-corruption and transparency; food security and nutrition; financial transparency and tax fairness; G7/G20 accountability; infrastructure investment; and  jobs and employment.  Alliance members form policy teams who draft short briefs with three recommendations, which are then used for advocating with the White House, State Department, USAID, Department of the Treasury, and other agencies. The Alliance also has worked on common messaging for media surrounding the summits themselves. Learn more. 

      What's New
      • The U.S. G7/G20 Advocacy Alliance has composed a policy paper detailing its recommendations for the summit. 
      • On Tuesday, November 10, InterAction hosted a special press telebriefing featuring experts from several leading NGOs on what steps G20 leaders should take to address the historic crisis in Syria. The speakers discussed the need for a political solution to the conflict in Syria; explored the current state of refugee relief efforts; and shared key insights gained by the NGO community from on-the-ground efforts to aid Syrian refugees in Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. Listen to the conversation.

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