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Innovative Finance for Development: Overview

Innovative Finance for Development

In early 2017, InterAction surveyed its membership to identify the state of the field of Innovative Finance for Development (IF4D). The survey is the first major component of a larger project funded by The Rockefeller Foundation with the objective to strengthen the ability of international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) to engage more deeply in IF4D programming, and to implement improved approaches for measurement and evaluation of their programs.

As a result of this survey, we now have baseline data on:

  1. Ten years’ worth of InterAction members’ projects involving IF4D, across a wide range of deals, size, location, and degree of level of success.
  2. The specific roles INGOs play in their IF4D transactions, the stage of their deals’ development, and whether they know if they achieved the expected results.
  3. INGOs’ motivation, internal challenges, and constraints to the adoption of innovative finance mechanisms.

Click here to view the key findings from the snapshot report on InterAction members’ IF4D activities.

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