Monitoring & Evaluation: Open Data Policy

Monitoring & Evaluation
Open Data Policy

In October 2014, USAID issued a new open data policy (ADS 579). Recognizing that data is an important asset, the policy requires implementing partners to submit datasets created or collected with USAID funding to USAID in non-proprietary, machine-readable formats. Datasets would then be made publicly available (as appropriate) through the Development Data Library (DDL), USAID’s public repository of agency-funded, machine readable data.

InterAction and its members support the U.S. government’s efforts to promote openness and transparency, and believe that greater transparency can lead to greater effectiveness. However, as originally written (the policy is in the process of being revised), the policy raised a number of ethical, practical and compliance concerns.

In 2015, InterAction developed recommendations aimed at helping USAID address these concerns: