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Monitoring & Evaluation: Overview

Monitoring & Evaluation

As actors who play a major role in not only managing, but also raising considerable amounts of aid resources, international NGOs have a responsibility to demonstrate that they are achieving results. The need to better measure what aid is (or is not) achieving has become a major focus for a wide range of development actors, both domestically and internationally, especially as foreign aid resources come under strain. 

InterAction’s Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group (EPEWG) is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of our members to measure and demonstrate their effectiveness, and to informing donor policies and practices on monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning. The group also serves as a forum for InterAction members to exchange information on tools, good practices, and experiences in topics of interest.

Our current focus areas include:

To learn more about InterAction's work on these topics, please see the Practitioner Tools section. Those new to the field may also find the list of general resources found here helpful.


Upcoming EPEWG Events

--September 18, 2017: ALM Anonymous: Monthly Peer Support Call on Agency-Level Measurement

ALM Anonymous is a peer support call for those in the international NGO community working on agency-level measurement at their respective organizations. The call is a group-led and group-driven conversation surrounding the topic of agency-level measurement and results, for which the group drives the agenda.

--September 19, 2017: USAID Landscape Analysis of Learning Agendas

Earlier this year, the USAID LEARN contract prepared the Landscape Analysis of Learning Agendas: USAID/Washington and Beyond for USAID’s Learning, Evaluation and Research Office. This report details the increasing interest in learning agendas and the progress that USAID/Washington is making on using evidence to inform its work. The report surveys the number and types of efforts along with individuals’ experiences and recommendations. Come hear from USAID and LEARN staff as they present the findings of the report, and engage in dialogue about learning agendas and how they can be used to improve learning at your organization.

--October 19, 2017: Presentation of USAID MEL Platforms Assessment

Last year, USAID's Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning, Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research (PPL/LER) commissioned an assessment of mission-based “Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Platforms” to inform whether or how to improve the management of these Platforms. During this session, USAID staff will brief the audience on the main findings from this assessment, which examined 55 missions around the world, including the pros and cons of these types of contracts.

--December 6, 2017: Meeting with Melissa Patsalides, Director of PPL/LER, USAID

During this session, Melissa Patsalides, Director of USAID’s Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research, will provide an update on MEL activities happening at USAID.


The Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group is open to InterAction members only. Non-members are welcome to join our Evaluation Interest Group (EIG), which receives our monthly evaluation newsletter and is invited to participate in certain working group events. To join either the Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group or the Evaluation Interest Group listserv, or for additional information on our work in this area, please contact Ben Bestor.