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NGO Futures: Overview

NGO Futures

Eighty percent of InterAction member executives report that the world is changing faster than they have been able to evolve their own organizations. Meaningful and often successful efforts by U.S. NGOs to resolve development and humanitarian relief challenges are at risk. The NGO sector operates within greater political, economic, environmental, and technological shifts than we have ever experienced simultaneously. As a result, the sector must revolutionize its ability to respond to this changing global landscape.

NGO Futures is a solution that draws on the InterAction community’s combined knowledge. We convene leaders virtually and in person to learn and collaborate together - increasing overall organizational adaptability and creating a safe space for dialogue on transformational change. NGO Futures also catalyzes scaling of innovation and best practices through leading work with partners. In a time of both challenge and opportunity, NGO Futures creates a pathway forward for civil society organizations.


Centers of power and influence and the broader ecosystem within which NGOs operate are significantly changing. This influences the challenges we are solving and how to solve them with greatest impact.

Dedicated development and humanitarian professionals work with and serve millions of people in a global climate defined by uncertainty, complexity, and risk. Our ability to improve humanity’s wellbeing is also at risk if we maintain or merely tweak past best practices and roles. U.S. and other international NGOs must evolve in order to help shape a global future where all people can thrive.


Organizations that embrace this challenge and actively identify where they can add value over the coming decades will rise as catalysts for change and progress. They will help shape new markets, build resilience, support civic society locally and across borders, build systems, and respond to crises where nations are incapable of doing so. U.S. NGO relevance through 2030 and beyond will be determined by the degree to which they evolve into – and respond as – agile and skilled change agents.

NGO Futures provides workshops and collaboration space for U.S. NGO leaders to improve organizational agility, catalyze bringing innovation and best practices to scale, and explore and redefine future roles of NGOs.

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