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NGO Security: Overview

NGO Security

Over the past 20 years, the operational environment of NGOs has become increasingly dangerous. Serious incidents — killings, kidnappings, or attacks that cause serious injuries — are on the rise as are politically-motivated attacks against NGO staff. InterAction has been concerned about this trend and established a Security  team within the Humanitarian Policy and Practice Unit to help shape the NGO Security Risk Management field. The InterAction and the Security Advisory Group (SAG) define the purpose of NGO Security to be developing safe access and durable programing presence. It means that the goal of NGO security is to enable programing and the delivery of aid by managing risks.

Security Advisory Group

The InterAction Security Advisory Group (SAG) was first formed in 1997 to design a field security training course for NGOs. The SAG continues to have an advisory role and it engages on a variety of issues that influence the direction, alignment and culture of safety and security within member organizations and the wider NGO community. The SAG enhances InterAction member security management capacity through information sharing and participation in strategic and thematic discussions that impact field operations. The SAG also provides a rapid information sharing mechanism in times of crisis and instability for members to discuss the operational environment and constraints on movement. If you are involved in NGO security management, you can sign up for InterAction’s Security Advisory Group by first registering on this website and then requesting membership to the working group. Please note membership is limited to InterAction members only and requires a valid InterAction member email address. For more information, please contact Lauren Rajczak.

Current co-chairs of the Security Advisory Group are: Paul Muniz, ADRA International and Tim McAtee, International Medical Corps

The SAG provides guidance and advise to InterAction members as they develop their own security risk managment frameworks. In the first half of 2017, the SAG has provided this guidance nearly half-a-dozen memebrs and assisted Disaster Ready in updating its online security training courses. 

“InterAction’s Security Advisory Group was instrumental in supporting DisasterReady.org to update our Safety and Security Learning Pathways.  Tapping into their deep expertise and experience, they reviewed over 20 safety and security online courses and learning resources to assess relevancy, accuracy and effectiveness for humanitarian and development workers.  I am grateful for their support which helped us create and implement two new Safety and Security Learning Pathways.  Their involvement is a key success factor that will enable thousands of DisasterReady learners globally to strengthen their security and safety skills so they keep safe while doing their work.”  

Tina Bolding, Director, DisasterReady.org   

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