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Seeking Feedback!

Based on what data is currently available and our consultations with donorsfoundations and NGOs, we now have a draft set of recommendations about what data organizations should make available about their activities in the agriculture and food security sector.

In order to make sure these recommendations meet real needs of real users yet are still feasible - and therefore sustainable - to implement, we are seeking feedback from both data users and data publishers. Please take the following 10-20 minute survey to help us ensure we’ve gotten these right:

If you would rather provide your feedback via a meeting or a phone call, please feel free to email David Duffeck at to set up a call. 

Join our Community of Practice or IATI Agriculture Working Group

InterAction and its partners invite organizations to get involved by signing up for the project newsletter or by joining one or both of two groups: the Initiative for Open Ag Funding’s Community of Practice or the IATI Agriculture Working Group.

While both groups will be crucial to the development, promotion and implementation of improvements to the IATI reporting standard, there are a few differences between them.

The Community of Practice (CoP) is open to any organizations or individuals interested in improving the availability, quality and use of agricultural investment data. This will involve increasing awareness of the need and demand for this data, providing input on what data is need and for which purposes, and promoting the use of agricultural investment data in decision-making. For additional information on the purpose and objectives of the group, please see the Terms of Reference.

The IATI Agriculture Working Group is for those that would like to take on a more technical role in shaping standards for reporting agricultural investments, as well as in the development of relevant tools. As a part of the IATI Technical Advisory Group (TAG), the IATI Agriculture Working Group will play an important role in ensuring that the project’s recommendations have the support of the IATI community. For additional information on the purpose and objectives of this group, please click here.

Have any other questions or comments concerning this initiative? Please email David Duffeck at