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Protection: Results-Based Protection

Results-Based Protection

The Results-Based Protection Program is based on a view that it is possible to bring about reduced risk and establish an evidence base to measure these changes and inform relevant strategies. The approach needs to be rigorous enough to diagnose risk patterns, bring about genuine impact, and measurably reduce risk. A results-based approach to protection embraces aspects of systems-practice, design-thinking, foresight analysis and planning, and other comparable methods that emphasize iteration, adaptability, relationships, and interconnectedness. It underscores the importance of starting from the perspective of those experiencing violence, coercion, and deliberate deprivation articulating the desired outcome as reduced risk.

Since 2012, InterAction has gathered experts and experienced practitioners to actively contribute to identification, review, validation, and use of the key elements supporting results-based approaches. The online platform for results-based protection serves as a point of reference and site for the humanitarian community to exchange experiences and share lessons about achieving protection outcomes.