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The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center: Overview

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center

Many civil society leaders likely wish that time could freeze, allowing them to reflect on their experiences and create a new initiative or strategic plan. Our sector is busy “doing”, but a critical part of being an effective leader is taking the time to stop and think. What do leaders learn from their unique experiences and current endeavors? What changes do they envision for the future of their organizations and the sector as a whole? As our sector tackles big challenges like climate change, poverty, and conflict in fragile states, these reflections are critical. Exploring new insights and initiating exciting new projects can help advance human wellbeing worldwide.

InterAction believes that a significant part of strengthening and evolving civil society organizations includes cultivating vibrant thought leadership. To further this objective, InterAction is working with The Rockefeller Foundation to raise awareness among leading civil society practitioners about its Bellagio Center Residency Program and conferences. Both programs support the work of practitioners, scholars, artists, thought leaders, and policymakers who share The Rockefeller Foundation’s goals of building resilience and developing more inclusive economies everywhere. Through this global leaders across sectors also connect. Civil society leaders, their organizations, and the NGO sector at large may benefit immensely from participation in these opportunities.

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