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Together Project: Overview

Together Project

In partnership with a group of founding members (see list below), InterAction is initiating the “Together Project.” The project is designed to create a hub of advocacy and solidarity for U.S. based NGOs who provide necessary development and humanitarian relief around the world, but confront discrimination or targeted regulations in the U.S. due to their operating principles or religious faith. This project will enable us to share information and develop strategies in response to shrinking civil society space experienced by these InterAction members. 

Through the Together Project, InterAction will actively represent its members, particularly organizations that are most vulnerable to any direct attacks, or indirect impacts of laws, regulations, or policies that have a chilling effect on their ability to function. These impediments are in part caused by an unforgiving regulatory environment and an inaccurate risk perception and risk calculation on the part of the financial services sector. They are exacerbated by a growing volume of hate speech within U.S. public discourse.

InterAction is dedicating staff and operational resources to bring attention to these issues, educate relevant policy-makers and officials, convene conversations where potential solutions can be found, connect our members to each other, and build solidarity when needed. InterAction will also facilitate a Together Project Working Group to address common issues, and tackle risk assessment and mitigation strategies. The new working group is open to all InterAction members and will actively engage a diverse array of organizations, across different faith-based and non-sectarian perspectives. 

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Founding organizations include: 


  • De-risking
  • Material Support
  • Safety and Security
  • Positive Public Image
  • Interfaith Connections


Princess Bazley-Bethea | Manager of the Together Project (email)

Elizabeth Cadwallader | Fellow, Together Project and the Preservation of Civil Society Space (email)