Annual Reports

InterAction and its member organizations are committed to financial accountability and transparency. All follow the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Standards that establish ethical guidelines for financial reporting and other operating procedures. As part of this transparency, InterAction publishes an annual report, which includes financial information and a write-up highlighting the major work for the year.

InterAction Annual Reports by year:   2017  |  2015  |  2014  |  2013  |  2012  |  2011  |  2010  |  2009

*Recent annual reports are available online; reports for 2008 and earlier were published in hardcopy only.

Annual Report 2017: Collectively we make a lasting difference

At InterAction we lead our members and allies in a global effort to improve the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable populations and people living in the world’s poorest places. We amplify our collective abilities as a convener, leader, and voice of the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States. The following illustrate just a few examples of our work and impacts in 2017.

Forum 2017Forum 2017

Field VisitsField Visits

NGO CoordinationNGO Coordination

Together ProjectTogether Project

Humanitarian Reform OutcomesUSG Humanitarian Reform Outcomes

Congressional OutreachCongressional Outreach