Major Publications

One of InterAction's greatest strengths is the ability to harness the perspectives of a wide and diverse membership. Through our working groups, we continually produce short papers, and we also produce a few larger publications each year. Our short papers can be found in the document library, and our larger works are listed below. 


  • The Nature of Development (2011): This report explores how to lift three billion people from poverty – and assist billions more living on its cusp – against today's backdrop of severe natural resource degradation.


International Advocacy

Public Policy

  • Foreign Assistance Briefing Book (FABB) (recurring): This collection of policy briefs, published every two years at the start of the new Congress and distributed to policymakers and thought leaders, outlines the NGO community’s views on current foreign assistance challenges.
  • Country Ownership: Moving From Rhetoric to Action (2011): “Country Ownership” is key to sustainable development. InterAction and its members believe that the participation of both citizens and government is at the heart of country ownership.
  • Choose to Invest (recurring): This annual booklet provides essential information on core U.S. government humanitarian and development assistance programs, and includes InterAction’s funding recommendations for that fiscal year.


  • Annual Report (recurring): InterAction is committed to financial accountability and transparency. The annual report includes financial information and a write-up highlighting InterAction’s major work for the year.
  • Monthly Developments Magazine (recurring): Since 1985, Monthly Developments Magzine has provided in-depth news and commentary on global trends that affect relief, refugee and development work.

Please send any questions to InterAction's communications staff.