Amy Lupica

Content Coordinator and Editor

Amy Lupica joined InterAction as the Content Coordinator and Editor for the Membership and Public Engagement Team in April 2022. She has a background in non-profit communications, digital media, and social media. Amy is experienced in making complex, intersectional stories accessible and engaging and is passionate about shining light on the changemakers working tirelessly to aid communities worldwide.

Before joining InterAction, Amy worked as the Daily Editor at the D.C.-based Our Daily Planet, where she managed a small-but-mighty team of reporters and designers to publish a daily email newsletter about the most important climate stories. Prior to her role as the Daily Editor, Amy served as a Staff Writer, writing and editing daily articles about the latest climate news, focusing on accessibility and brevity.

Amy previously worked for the Center for Auto Safety, where she managed digital media and public relations as the Communications Specialist. There, she assisted with strategy to promote policy platforms and increase social media engagement.

She also holds experience in government communications and other issue areas, including LGBTQIA+ rights.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University with minors in Political Science and Computer Science. She currently resides in Washington, D.C., where she enjoys exploring the city’s patio dining scene and attending weekly trivia nights. She is currently fielding name recommendations for her upcoming cat adoption.