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Near East Foundation

The Near East Foundation helps build more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive communities in the Middle East and Africa through education, community organizing, and economic development. Our work is based on a conviction that, to play an active role in the development of their communities and countries, people need opportunities and tools: the knowledge to participate in civic and economic life, a voice in public decisions that affect their wellbeing, and a means of making a meaningful living.

Fairtrade America

Fairtrade America is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. It is the only U.S. representative of Fairtrade International, championing Fairtrade Standards in the United States.

Public Interest Registry

Public Interest Registry’s primary activity is to operate .org, one of the original three Top Level Domains in the Internet and the home to a large portion of the world’s NGOs.  We maintain the .org domain registry as the exemplary registry service and advocate for the highest standards of Internet security, safety and reliability.  Our mission is to facilitate the effective us of a global Internet among non-commercial and other Internet users worldwide.  In addition we are committed to supporting the goals of the Internet Society, encouraging the evolution of the Internet as a research, ed

SOS Children’s Villages -- USA

The Mission of SOS Children's Villages

  • To build families for children in need
  • To help children shape their own futures
  • To share in the development of communities

SOS Children’s Villages creates stable, loving families for orphaned and abandoned children. We provide mothers who give individual attention and guidance to each child until they become an independent adult.

Handicap International

Handicap International works to bring about lasting change in the living conditions of people in disabling situations in post-conflict or low income countries around the world.


CBM is an international Christian development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.

Based on its Christian values and over 100 years of professional expertise, CBM addresses poverty as a cause, and a consequence, of disability, and works in partnership to create a society for all.

CBM works in the most disadvantaged societies, irrespective of race, gender or religion. CBM seeks to:

·                  Reduce the prevalence of diseases which cause impairments.

International Youth Foundation

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) invests in the extraordinary potential of young people. Founded in 1990, IYF builds and maintains a worldwide community of businesses, governments, and civil-society organizations committed to empowering youth to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain employability skills, make healthy choices, and improve their communities.

International Social Service - USA Branch

ISS-USA mobilizes a domestic and international network of legal and social work professionals to efficiently connect vulnerable children, adults and families separated by international borders to the services and support they need.


Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility.


AmeriCares is a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization that delivers medicines, medical supplies and aid to people in crisis around the world and across the United States.


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