Water and Sanitation

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Better Health for Afghan Refugees

Fleeing turbulence and conflict in their own country, Afghans have been seeking refuge in Iran for roughly four decades. Today, Iran’s Afghan refugees number more than 3 million, a figure that makes it one of the largest refugee populations in the world.

Somalia's "long rains" do nothing to shorten drought


Somalia has four seasons: two rainy (Gu and Deyr) and two dry (Jilaal and Hagaa). This year’s Jilaal, which lasts from December to March, was hotter and drier than normal, putting increasing pressure on dwindling water resources. A post-Jilaal evaluation showed elevated risk of extreme hunger.

When wells became graves: casualties of war and water in the Central African Republic

A fragile peace may have settled over the forested hills and valleys surrounding Gaga, but people are reminded of the horror that took place here each day when they go about the most mundane of routines: fetching water.

Finding Sustainable Solutions to Urban Sanitation: Environment-friendly toilets for Bangladesh

"I am moved by the fact that a child dies every two and a half minutes from diseases linked to open defecation. Those are silent deaths – not reported on in the media, not the subject of public debate. Let's not remain silent any longer"  UN Deputy Secretary-General, Jan Eliasson (May 2014)

Ebola Spread through Myth and Fear

The world is facing the largest-ever Ebola outbreak as the deadly virus punches its way across three Western African countries, spread through contact with an infected person’s blood or other bodily fluids. But that is not the only way the disease is transferred from one person to another.

In Southern Ethiopia, the Ripple Effects of Clean Water

Doge Laroso, Ethiopia –The child simply couldn’t get well. He was just over three years old, and his mother had taken him to every health clinic she could find, but for nearly a year, he hadn’t been able to shake the dysentery. He was malnourished, often dehydrated, sometimes curled in pain.

Three Days without Water

Many of you probably don’t remember, but last summer residents of Prince George’s County, Md. prepared to go without water for three days. “In Prince George's County, 100,000 To Go without Water during Main Repairs,” one headline read. “Prince George's Residents Stockpile Water Ahead of Outage,” read another.

Global health gains under threat: NGOs outline risk in briefing book for Congress

If the United States does not follow through on global health commitments, there could be a reversal or stagnation of recent gains in reducing maternal deaths and incidences of tuberculosis, malari


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