Conservation Development

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Conservation Development

Re-thinking Poverty in Light of Climate Change

334 species of plants. 693 different kinds of animals, including 49 species of mammals, 59 reptiles and 315 water birds. 1,600 square miles of land and 725 square miles of water. Three wildlife sanctuaries. The Sundarbans, the world’s largest, contiguous mangrove forest located along the coast of India and Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal, is home to all of this. Just outside, 1.7 million people live along the forest's outskirts, with many depending on its resources.

With High Hopes For The Future: Obama's Moral Imperative To Address Climate Change

It's no secret that Abraham Lincoln is Barack Obama's favorite former president. The connections between the 16th and 44th presidents are often discussed, and even more so since Daniel Day-Lewis vividly reintroduced Lincoln to the world in November. So on the eve of his second inauguration, it is a safe bet that President Obama is plumbing Lincoln's experience for inspiration and strength.


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