InterAction’s DEI Compact stems from the work of a DEI Coalition Task Force that convened throughout 2021. Representing InterAction’s diverse membership and partners—with over 50 participating organizations—the Task Force identified DEI concerns through meetings, learning labs, and expert interviews, laying the foundations for the Compact’s signatory set of commitments and the associated compendium of resources.

The initiation of the Compact is the result of many contributions from key people across our organization and coalition. In addition to the broader set of participants in our Coalition Task Force, we would especially like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals across the InterAction alliance who significantly contributed to the development of this Compact: Princess Bazley-Bethea, Emily Byers, Cica Dadjo, Deborah Harris, Marilee Holmes, Keshia Horton, Wagaye Johannes, Joanne Korandu, Jordyn Linsk, Swathi Massar, Tjada McKenna, Julie Murray, Mika’il Petin, Laura Porras, Tim Rivera, Jordan Teague, Carolina Van Moorsel, and Elizabeth White. From InterAction, we would like to acknowledge and thank Raina Fox, Amy Lupica, Kelsey Maddox, Morgan Martinez, Wynn Aung Myint, Michelle Neal, Noam Unger, Rachel Unkovic, Deborah Willig, and Sam Worthington.