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In the midst of a rubble, a young and determined looking boy, wearing a coat and warm hat, poses for the camera

Results-Based Protection

Since 2012, InterAction has gathered experts and experienced practitioners to actively contribute to identification, review, validation, and use of the key elements supporting results-based approaches to protection. Thank you for visiting our new website! Over the next few months, we will update this page with new content and move over past work from our old site. Please check back for more news, and reach out to us at with any questions.

A woman poses for photographs with, a young child strapped to her back, at her home in Kenya. Backdrop is a blue sky and a tent like structure where the woman lives. Photo taken from below.


To improve NGO accountability, InterAction works with our member organizations to ensure they adhere to certain ethical guidelines that govern NGO governance, financial reporting, fundraising, public relations, management practice, human resources, and program services.

A group of school - children dressed in red school uniforms - pose for the camera, holding up placards with sustainable development goal number 4.

Sustainable Development Goals

InterAction and its members are dedicated to sustaining the momentum of the SDGs and continuing the inclusion of civil society in this space.

Woman holding her crying child in a crowd of people looking to find transport out of Afrin Syria

Syrian Civil War (2011- present)

InterAction seeks to raise awareness of the ongoing crisis in Syria and advocates for greater funding and humanitarian access to address the crisis.

Little boy standing in the marsh, pours water from a bottle into a vessel that a young man drinks from as he sit on a log..

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are crucial building blocks for development—WASH interventions improve health outcomes, advance education, and reduce poverty and malnutrition. InterAction seeks to improve policies related to WASH in order to increase access to these services around the globe.

People stand in the midst of rubble following an airstrike in yemen

Yemen Civil War (2015-present)

InterAction and its members seek to raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis - as well as ongoing access and security issues NGOs experience - in Yemen.