Alicia Phillips Mandaville

Alicia Phillips Mandaville is the vice president for Global Development Policy and Learning at InterAction, an alliance of international development and relief organizations. Through her role, she represents InterAction membership, expanding the position, partnerships and influence of NGOs in multilateral and bilateral fora and events.

Previously, Alicia was the vice president for international and social impact work at Amida Technology Services, a data-technology company focused on resolving complex problems in data access, interoperability, analysis, and security.  Before that she spent nine years in U.S. public service, most recently as the chief strategy officer at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).  Alicia managed both the data-driven tools and qualitative research that the agency relied on to allocate billions of dollars for investments in infrastructure, agriculture, health, and other economic development programs. This specifically included developing research methods to assess and monitor country governance and human rights, economic growth, and development aid effectiveness. In 2009 Alicia was detailed to then Deputy Secretary of State Jacob Lew's office for the first Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review. She joined the U.S. Government after working at the National Democratic Institute from 1999-2005, where she focused on the role of democratic institutions in national poverty reduction efforts.

Alicia holds a BA in international relations from the College of William and Mary, a masters in international conflict analysis from the University of Kent in Canterbury, and has completed the coursework for a PhD in Economics at American University. She has published work on the role of data in international development and on democratic institutions. 

Foreign Assistance May Be the United States’ Ace in the Hole

I grew up in the deep south of Reagan’s America. My father was a veteran and I lived near two Air Force bases, so just about everyone around me talked constantly about how great this country is. Maybe that is why during Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State yesterday, some deep seated part of me couldn’t help but love his metaphor for the state of the world. “…We’ve got a tough hand of cards … and we’re just gonna play that hand out... because what I know is that America still holds all the aces.”  

Learning from Niger and looking toward the future

There’s a funny aspect of global development, where the more remote parts of the world you see, the more it seems to be connected. Last week, watching the board of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) approve a $425 million investment in Niger, I felt a real sense of many things coming together.

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Vice President, Global Development Policy and Learning
Global Development Policy and Learning