Reid Porter

Reid Porter joined the InterAction team in 2017 as the Director for Transparency and Open Data. He leads InterAction’s efforts to increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the NGO sector. This involves supporting the development of InterAction’s NGO Aid Map, advocating for improvements in the quality and accessibility of open aid data, and managing InterAction’s Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group (EPEWG). This working group seeks to improve InterAction members’ capacity to measure their effectiveness, and to inform donor M&E policies and practices.

Reid is currently leading a two-year, multi-partner project to increase the transparency of funding for food security and agriculture. The goal of this work is to ensure that those providing funding in this sector have the data they need to make good investment decisions, and that those working to improve the effectiveness of those resources have the data they need to hold organizations accountable.

Prior to joining InterAction, Reid was a director and product manager at Amida Technology Services, a data-technology company focused on resolving complex problems in data access, interoperability, analysis, and security. Before that, he supported global- and project-level M&E activities at Pact as the Senior Results and Measurement Specialist. Reid has also contributed to and led several GIS research projects, most recently with Innovations for Peace and Development.

Reid holds a Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. in Geography and GISci (Geographic Information Science) also from UT-Austin.

Net Neutrality Beyond the U.S.

by Reid Porter and Soshana Hashmie

OpenAg at IATI Technical Advisory Group

Jambo! Last week OpenAg joined many other members of the IATI Community (over 150!) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to participate in TAG 2017, the meeting of the Technical Advisory Group.

Coming Soon: New Tools for Publishing and Using IATI Data

Despite all of our collective progress towards more open data and more transparent funding, the simplest questions can still stump us. Take for instance this real-life, time-sensitive inquiry: “How much does DFID spend to combat illegal fishing? Need to know by noon.” Ideally, a quick search of investment data from OECD DACD-Portal, or the IATI Registry would allow one to triangulate an answer, but not always (go ahead, try it!).

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Director for Transparency and Open Data
Global Development Policy and Learning