Caroline Nichols

Caroline Nichols assisted InterAction with its efforts to advocate for a stronger NGO voice and greater influence within the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, the body responsible for inter-agency coordinated response for humanitarian assistance. She also played a liaison role with InterAction’s working groups, ensuring greater linkages between the global policy debates and field realities.

Caroline joined InterAction with nine years of experience in the field of international relations.  She has a diverse background of research, business development and implementation.  She spent three years working in Pakistan for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where she last held the post of Deputy Director for Programs. In that position, she led teams that supported disaster-affected communities and participated in inter-organizational coordination within the NGO alliances and cluster bodies.  Her field experience also includes the North Caucasus and the Middle East.

Keep Calm and Test a Protocol: Improving Humanitarian Response

Do you know the old joke about the rushed cellist who flags down a taxi and asks how to get to Carnegie Hall? Rather than “take a right and walk two blocks,” he was told to “Practice, practice, practice!”

Humanitarian Policy: What I Wish I Had Known In The Field

Sometimes in the field even critical policy discussions pass us by. Take me, for instance. This time last year I was the Deputy Director for Programs for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Pakistan, where for more than three years it seemed like it was displacement after displacement, crisis after crisis.

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