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We are a global community of humanitarians, partners, community members, supporters, donors, and volunteers who share a common vision of a world where no one lives in poverty, fear, or oppression, and all can exercise their rights to a decent standard of living, can have access to the opportunities and choices essential to a long, healthy, and creative life, and can be treated with dignity and respect.

Afghanistan Earthquake: Homeless Families face bitter winter

The world has moved on, but on the ground in northern Afghanistan, we still sharply feel the impact of the October 26 earthquake, especially as the cold sinks in and families huddle together in tent shelters.

What's killing the children of Freetown? Because it's not Ebola.

Mahommad Samba Kamara stands outside a small tin shack in the pouring rain, watching his team suit up in protective gear to collect another body in the back streets of Freetown, the capital of the West African nation of Sierra Leone.

This time it’s 9-month-old Aminata Samura. According to local social worker Claudia Fofana, she was sick with a fever for three days and had attended a hospital, but died early this morning. Aminata’s mother is staying with relatives – too upset to attend her little girl’s funeral.

“Today, I am going to die” — A Syrian refugee's story

Ahmed’s hands hovered over the tea cups and he paused, sucking in his breath. When he spoke, it was barely above a whisper. “That’s when I surrendered myself,” he said. “To this certainty: today, I am going to die.”

Ahmed, 32, is a Syrian refugee living in northern Lebanon with his family. Just a few years ago, he was working at a prominent job and living in his own home with his wife and two children, busy, successful, and satisfied.

When wells became graves: casualties of war and water in the Central African Republic

A fragile peace may have settled over the forested hills and valleys surrounding Gaga, but people are reminded of the horror that took place here each day when they go about the most mundane of routines: fetching water.

The Youngest Syrian Refugees Find Comfort in Tent Classrooms

Nearly two million Syrian children are refugees and many of them now live in makeshift camps in Lebanon. Concern has been responding to the refugee crisis in Lebanon since 2013 and now supports the education of over 1,850 registered students — including some Lebanese students — in 25 learning spaces.

On Bangui’s once blood-stained streets, delicate signs of a slowly returning peace

In 2013, violence exploded on the streets of Bangui, Central African Republic. Many of those fleeing the bloodshed ended up settling at the makeshift displacement camp of M’Poko, on the grounds of the city’s airport. Crystal Wells visited M’Poko and Bangui two years on to find out how the city is recovering.

Houses disappear into "puffs of dust”

Charikot, Nepal -- The ground didn’t just shake – it rocked back and forth violently. The earth groaned as rock and dirt crashed down the hillsides around us, consuming everything in its path. Across the foothills, puffs of dust rose to the sky, marking the collapse of homes into masses of mud and stone.

As waters recede, devastation and displacement in Mozambique after worst floods in 44 years

It was a day like any other. Noemia Mario was working around the house with her four children when a wave of water suddenly came crashing down around them. Within seconds, a flood engulfed the family’s home. Mario had no time to collect food or belongings. She clutched her children and boarded a passing canoe, surrendering their home and all that they owned to the milky brown deluge.

Aftershock App: Where Science Meets Humanitarian Aid

A partnership between a world-renowned seismologist and a veteran aid worker has given birth to an innovative project to allow disaster response organizations, for the first time ever, to forecast in real-time where aftershocks will hit, saving lives and paving the way for better post-quake relief decisions. 

Ebola Crisis: Working For Humanity

Just off the busy Congo Cross roundabout in Freetown, Daniel Sewah was reorganizing the contents of the four-wheel drive which carried the members of “Burial Team 7.” It was the start of another busy for those managing the safe removal and burial of bodies in Sierra Leone’s capital – although no one yet realized just how busy it will be.


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