Claire Spangler

Claire Spangler joined InterAction in the fall of 2016 as an intern for the communications team. Claire assists the team by researching and writing social media content. In addition to her internship, Claire is a full time student at American University. She is studying International Relations with a focus on Peace and Conflict Resolutions, and Spanish Studies. 

Lessons from InterAction’s First President and CEO, Peter Davies

I came to InterAction in September 2016 as an intern with the communications team. I had no prior NGO experience, and began working with only what I learned from my classes at American University, where I was a sophomore studying international relations. My classes had fostered my interest in NGOs and thus, I was glad to be thrown into the thick of things. I knew relatively little about InterAction on my first day; I had done preliminary research prior to my interviews for the job, yet only had a hazy idea of what type of programs they conducted.

Civil Society Collaboration: the Key to Long-Term Success

On October 12 the French Embassy, the Society for International Development, and SOS Sahel hosted a panel discussion on cultivating natural resources for more sustainable agriculture in the Sahel region of Africa. Though the Sahel is one of the poorest and most undeveloped regions of the world, the panel noted that partnering with the local civil society development actors is key to effective development and sustainable programs.

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Communications Intern