Rajashree Ghosh

Rajashree Ghosh is a Resident Scholar at the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. With a background in Sociology she is drawn to inter-disciplinary studies and participatory approaches to social development. Rajashree has evaluated development programs for gender inclusiveness and community participation for the United Nations,bilateral aid agencies and liaised with government and non-profits. Her policy recommendations have contributed to furthering gender advancements in many corners of India. As an accomplished social development professional she is particularly interested in programs that include women as not just beneficiaries but producers of development.

Reckoning international social development as a discipline

Careers in the overall non-profit industry are coveted especially for those inclined to work on the frontlines of social development. These profiles require working at the community level in direct contact with constituents and establishing workable solutions for change. Others allow venturing across political borders addressing the “social” aspects such as reducing poverty, increasing literacy, improving access to health and education - and that makes it all that much more attractive.  In which case international social development emerges as the discipline of choice.

Cities with the smarts

There is an emerging trend the world over of building “smart cities” representing “hardwiring” and infusion of technology to meet the key needs in urban areas such as fighting crime, and increasing adequate and need based service delivery and an overall focus on fostering growth.

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Resident Scholar, Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University