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Founded in 1990, Relief International (RI) provides emergency, rehabilitation and development services that empower beneficiaries in the process. RI's programs include health, shelter construction, education, community development, agriculture, food, income-generation, and conflict resolution. RI employs an innovative approach to program design and a high quality of implementation performance in demonstrating deep and lasting impact in reducing human suffering worldwide. The agency recognizes that disasters have the most negative impact on the lives of the poor; yet disasters, and especially the movement of the populations, can also bring about unexpected, positive social change.

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RI Responds to Floods in Somalia

Springtime in Somalia brings Gu, “the season of long rains.” The rains revive the pastures and grazing lands — and often deliver death and destruction to the regions where the rivers burst their banks.

The Seventh Anniversary of the Syrian Conflict

The conflict in Syria began 7 years ago today. RI stands with the people of Syria, supporting refugee families living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 

Click on the articles below to learn more about RI's efforts to empower Syrian refugee families:

Education for Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan:

Mental Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Turkey:

Better Health for Afghan Refugees

Fleeing turbulence and conflict in their own country, Afghans have been seeking refuge in Iran for roughly four decades. Today, Iran’s Afghan refugees number more than 3 million, a figure that makes it one of the largest refugee populations in the world.

Celebrating Women and Girls Around the World

Every year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day.

Fighting Malnutrition in Remote Pockets of Yemen

Separated from healthcare and clean water by conflict, nearly 15 million Yemenis — half the country’s population — are in desperate need of basic medical attention. Another 4.5 million lie on the brink of famine.

Health Care and Clean Water for Conflict-Affected Syrians

As the Syrian civil war stumbles through its seventh year, over 11 million people have been forced from their homes. With health and sanitation systems destroyed, polluted water, poor hygiene and reduced access to medical care, much of the country has become a breeding ground for infectious diseases. Displaced from their homes without clean water, health care or work to sustain them, many Syrians also face extreme malnutrition.

Millions Face Famine Without Funding

Among the scrub and dust of Somalia’s Nugaal region, animals lie dead or dying. Small holes run like tracks along the road, crude cisterns now cracked with heat. Water has all but disappeared in the northern village of Sinujiif, sending families 40 km/25 miles to the nearest source so their children have water for their powdered milk. In the towns, people talk of famine.

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