Julien Schopp

Julien Schopp is the Director of Humanitarian Practice at InterAction. In this capacity, he supports humanitarian emergency responses and contributes to the improvement of humanitarian practice on behalf of the network’s members. This involves representing InterAction members on the Sphere board, working on improving partnerships with UN agencies, overseeing country-specific working groups and facilitating the development of clear advocacy positions on the major humanitarian issues of the day. Before joining InterAction, Julien worked as a Senior Policy Officer for the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), focusing on Forced Displacement issues. As such, he was the primary NGO focal point at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Julien has substantial field experience managing humanitarian operations, primarily for the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Over the years, he has worked as IRC country director in Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Uganda, also serving the agency in Congo-Brazzaville, Sudan and Chad. He holds an MA in literature from Paris X University.

Julien Schopp: We Must Not Forget the People of Congo

We don’t hear much about the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) these days. Headlines have been grabbed by more geopolitically relevant conflicts such as Syria or by more immediate heart-wrenching humanitarian crises like the impending famines in Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen or South Sudan.

What the Sahel Needs

Resilience means the ability to withstand severe shocks, like the current drought in the Sahel, and continue to create wealth for one's family and community. So what could possibly be wrong with focusing on building resilience in the Sahel?

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Director for Humanitarian Practice
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