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Together Project Hosts Positive Public Image Workshop

Do you stammer when hit by an unexpected question during an interview?

Have you ever found it difficult to succinctly express just what it is that your organization does?

Has it been a struggle to talk to your mother about your work involving “integrated approaches towards resilience” or “systems-level solutions”?

The Impact and Future of the Global Food Security Act

Annie Dee loves to talk about soil.

And understandably so. Dee, an energetic woman with a fondness for farming technology, oversees Dee River Ranch, a 10,000-acre family farm in Pickens County, Alabama, that harvests timber, grows row crops, and raises cattle. As a farmer and member of the Farm Journal Foundation’s Alabama Farm team, she understands the value of improving soil quality to increase crop yields, combat food insecurity, and benefit both the local and global community.

For Lasting Peace, Involve Women In Decision-Making

After more than 50 years of armed conflict that resulted in over 218,000 casualties, nearly 7 million people displaced from their homes, and around 25,000 forced disappearances, the 2016 signing of a peace agreement in Colombia marked a promising new chapter in the nation’s histor

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