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Not Your Typical Hot Spot - But One the Humanitarian Community Must Monitor

For international security analysts, humanitarian operations planners, and humanitarian logisticians, the ability to identify emerging global hot spots is crucial. Over the coming months, areas such as Syria, the Crimea, Venezuela, Sudan, and the Central African Republic will no doubt make a list of potential shatter belts, complex emergencies, and geopolitical flashpoints worth monitoring.

World Radio Day: Why the Humanitarian Community Should Shape the Future of Shortwave

In January, two cyclones roared through the Indian and Pacific Oceans that were powerful enough to generate a “red alert” level in the United Nation’s GDACS system.

Monsoon Geopolitics: The Urgency of Emerging Humanitarian Operations in Myanmar

In the coming weeks, an atmospheric river may be flowing over the Bay of Bengal, and the implications could be nothing short of historic. 

Syria and Climate Change – Framing the Relationship

The humanitarian crisis in Syria continues to evolve into one of the most severe complex emergencies in the global community. With 1,000,000 refugees and 4 million people in need of assistance, the Syrian conflict encompasses dimensions of geopolitics, culture, development and economics. 

The Fingerprints of Climate Change on Two Extreme Natural Disasters

In the last few months, West Africa and Haiti have suffered major disasters of epic proportions. In West Africa, both Niger and Nigeria experienced the worst flooding in decades, which has impacted over 2 million people. And, after a summer of unusual drought and flash floods, Haiti's agricultural sector suffered a fatal blow from Hurricane Sandy that has created a severe crisis for 1.5 million people.

Polar Bare: The Humanitarian Community's Brave New World

"Amazing," "astonishing" and "extraordinary" are three words to explain this summer's ice melt in the arctic circle. According to analysis by Dr.

FAO: "Potentially Very Dangerous" Locust Invasion Brewing for Sahel

In a strange twist of geopolitics and meteorology, a swarm of locusts is forming on the southern Libya-Algeria border and the target is Sahel.

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