Our Work

Accountability & Learning

InterAction and its members are committed to demonstrating and enhancing NGO accountability and impact in development and humanitarian action. To this end, InterAction's work on accountability and learning spans across the organization and aims to maximize the effectiveness of development and humanitarian interventions.


InterAction works to improve NGO and donor accountability through our work on:

  • PVO Standards
  • Aid and Development Effectiveness
  • Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Transparency


When integrated deliberately into organizations’ work and conducted with appropriate rigor, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) supports learning and quality improvement, as well as accountability to partners, donors and those we serve. InterAction supports members' M&E work through the Evaluation and Program Effectiveness Working Group, which aims to build the capacity of organizations to measure and demonstrate their effectiveness.  

With support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, InterAction has also launched a Best Practices & Innovations (BPI) initiative focused on agriculture and rural livelihoods. The purpose of the BPI initiative is to promote information sharing on effective program approaches, and to improve practice standards by boosting the efficiency and impacts of field programs.

In 2013, InterAction and FedEx launched “The FedEx Award for Innovations in Disaster Preparedness” to recognize an innovative intervention that reduces communities’ vulnerability to hazards or natural disasters and increases their capacity to prevent or cope with such adverse events. Through this award, InterAction and FedEx aim to promote and share innovative ideas on how to improve disaster preparedness. We are pleased to share the innovative work that organizations are doing in the area of disaster preparedness.