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Aid Effectiveness

Jointly supported by the UNDP and OECD, the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) provides a platform to enhance effective development cooperation and support the attainment of the SDGs. The GPEDC offers practical guidance including a monitoring framework to analyze progress towards effective development cooperation.  The 2016 Progress Report presents recent findings based on the internationally agreed principles of effective cooperation.

The GPEDC also provides individual country monitoring profiles, produced to complement the 2016 progress report, which present a snapshot of a country’s progress towards development cooperation.

Released on December 1, 2016 as a result of the GPEDC’s Second High Level Meeting, the Nairobi Outcome Document  primarily provides a platform for action for the partnership (GPEDC) to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGS.

The CSO Development Effectiveness Web Portal is an open online platform where civil society practitioners can access and share tools, resources and case studies with others also working on improving the effectiveness of their  work in development.

Oxfam’s resources on ‘Making Aid work’ reflect the growing focus on empowering countries and strengthening local systems to increase aid effectiveness. These include information and up-to-date publications on the value of country ownership and aid transparency.

World-wide and country level data on aid effectiveness is available through the World Bank site. Featured indicators include ODA, mortality rates, school enrollment, HIV prevalence, tuberculosis rates, and poverty headcount ratios.

USAID’s Evaluation Policy, first published in January 2011 and updated in October 2016, offers guidance to improve the quantity and quality of evaluation practice in order to better inform program planning and ensure improved outcomes.

InterAction’s Work on Aid Effectiveness:

  • InterAction’s NGO Aid Map increases the amount of publically available data on humanitarian assistance in order to enhance aid effectiveness through improved coordination of aid projects.

  • The 2016 Foreign Assistance Briefing Book, produced by InterAction (in partnership with the U.S. based international nonprofit community), presents resources and recommendations, for the current administration and 115th Congress, on humanitarian assistance.