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Data Quality Award

Better quality data is more usable data. That is why NGO Aid Map is encouraging InterAction members to improve the quality of their data through the Data Quality Award. This five-month competition will comprehensively evaluate the data InterAction members provide to NGO Aid Map and the winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize.

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NGO Aid Map's Data Quality Award

Scoring The Data Quality Award

The Basics

What can my organization win?

  • The award includes a $10,000 cash prize, which will be given to the winning organization at an event in Washington, DC in October 2015.

Is my organization eligible?

  • Only InterAction members are eligible to enter. Find out how to apply to become an InterAction member.

How does my organization apply?

  • InterAction members must first contribute project information to NGO Aid Map. After adding project information, your organization must fill out the entry form and final submission form by October 2, 2015.

How do I win?

  • An organization's Data Quality Score is based on NGO Aid Map's data quality dimensions. In order to have a competitive score, an organization should add all projects to NGO Aid Map (comprehensiveness); be quick about it (timeliness); add lots of details (completeness); and improve their data over time. Organizations must also complete the final submission form (available September 14, 2015), which will factor into their final score.

The Details 

What do we mean by data quality?

  • You can learn more about our four dimensions of data quality (accuracy, completeness, comprehensiveness, and timeliness) and explore data quality visualizations on the NGO Aid Map website. You can also find out more about how we came to define these dimensions.

How exactly will my organization be scored?

  • You can explore the Data Quality Award Scoring Guidelines here. Throughout the award process, we will work to simplify these scoring guidelines into visualizations. Organizations will also be evaluated through the final submission form, which will be made available on September 14, 2015.

Will my scores be shared publicly?

  • InterAction will publicize the top 10 overall scores as well as organizations that have a perfect score in any component.