Our Work

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were ratified in September of 2015 as a call to action for facing the world’s biggest challenges. They were created in follow up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which guided global development since 2000. As the agreed upon global goals, the SDGs have multiple avenues for engagement, and civil society has been able to play a much more significant role in the debate and adoption of the goals than in the past.

InterAction and its members are dedicated to sustaining the momentum of the SDGs and continuing the inclusion of civil society in this space. This working group utilizes collective action and strategic information-sharing for the advancement of the SDG platform. It also serves as a convening space to mobilize units focusing on specific issue areas that affect multiple goals such as fragility, gender, and climate change. 

The InterAction SDG working group meets and organizes around events such as the High Level Political Forum and the UN General Assembly. We seek to be a collective voice for U.S. NGOs working on progress toward the SDGs and a resource for sharing information around our work in this area.

As of 2017, InterAction also created three different sub-groups within the broader SDG context: the SDG sub-groups on fragility, gender, and climate change. These groups focus on advocacy and information sharing around their respective topic areas. While these do meet separately from the SDG working group meetings, all members of the sub-groups will be included in the communication for the SDG working group as well.


Development within fragile states is a growing area of focus, and understanding the complexities of development within fragile contexts is critical for achieving the SDGs. Therefore, this group works with the U.S. government and donors to share information and best practices on how to work within this context. We seek to be a platform for our members to share their expertise and provide feedback and guidance. This group exists mainly as a listserv with occasional meetings as necessary.


Gender is an important element of all SDG-related programming. Therefore, InterAction seeks to be a space for discussion and information-sharing around gender inclusion and the SDGs. 

Climate Change

InterAction believes the NGO community can play a critical role in broadening awareness of the connections between climate change and development, and in shaping more integrated responses. It seeks put into perspective the very real impact that climate change has on the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, and use our expertise in this area to advocate for climate change action and response.