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Moving U.S.-Africa Relationships Forward

In 1990, I boarded a plane for Sierra Leone as a wide-eyed college graduate ready to change the world. I had never been to Africa, did not know much about Sierra Leone, and not being a detail person, had never even looked for or located the country on a map. In many ways, I represented the worst of bad development practice: well-meaning outsiders without a clue about anything foisting themselves on problems and proposing solutions.

NGOs Send Recommendations, Concerns Regarding Iraq to Secretary Kerry

On July 30, 2014, 36 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) sent a letter to U.S. Department of State Secretary, John F. Kerry. The letter “[called] for a stronger response from the United States, including a clear, long-term strategy for addressing what could become a protracted situation.” The letter capitalizes on the influence of the U.S. as a catalyst for justice, peace, and support of Iraqi civil society organizations’ development of institutions with greater accountability and capacity to protect their citizens. As stated in the letter, “U.S.

Stepping down-the-aisle in a cross-sector partnership? Know your partners’ strengths and weaknesses – know yours. By Jessica Long – Washington DC

It seems that in ten years a lot has changed in the international development landscape. Perhaps the most significant change has been a growing pragmatism over which individuals and organisations have the specific skills to tackle specific social and economic challenges. Cross-sector partnerships between governments, the private sector and NGOs are becoming the norm and a cadre of new leaders is emerging bringing skills and expertise from each of the sectors – you could even say we are witnessing the emergence of a 4th sector.

NGOs Further Democratizing Aid and Development

InterAction members spending over $4 billion in private resources for community-driven efforts in Africa

Making African Civil Society A Priority

National Endowment for Democracy Conference Explores Civil Society Challenges

“All humans, not some humans.”

Addressing Conflict and Security in African Civil Society

National Endowment for Democracy Conference Explores Civil Society Challenges

The Role of a Free Press in African Civil Society

National Endowment for Democracy Conference Explores Civil Society Challenges

Leaders Commit To Building Resilient Communities

On Aug. 5, leaders from the U.S. government, U.S. non-government organizations (NGOs), foundations and African governments convened in Washington, D.C. for a discussion about resilience in regards to food security and post-disaster assistance.

Where's the B-12? Include Animal-Based Foods in the Global Malnutrition Agenda

August 18 marks the 500-day countdown to the deadline for achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, so we should expect to see increased discourse on where the gaps lie. Development experts are beginning to take note that, although progress has been made in reducing the percentage of the world’s people who are hungry, nutrition has not received the attention it warrants.


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