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Member Benefits

Our Member benefits include effective advocacy and representation on their behalf to Congress and other governing bodies, increased media exposure, strong networking and information sharing opportunities with other members, technical and capacity building assistance, and more.

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What Our Members Are Saying

InterAction Members enjoy a number of benefits and services as part of the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the U.S. Among these are effective advocacy and representation on their behalf, increased exposure, strong networking and information sharing opportunities, technical and capacity building assistance, plus increased credibility with donors and funders.

Direct Benefits

Ability to Influence Government

Open access to top-level government officials and disseminate timely information developed by our Members on legislative, policy, and budgetary issues that impact the community.

Access to Learning and Information

Invitations to attend more than 800 meetings each year, bringing together members, outside experts, government officials, and other stakeholders.

Increased Exposure

Amplification of the NGO community's perspectives through collective social media campaigns, published op-Eds on behalf of our Members, and other collective messaging strategies.

Leading Change

Collective discussion and action to address issues related to International Humanitarian Law, gender-based violence, risk, disinformation campaigns, and more.

Leadership Development

Partnerships with high-profile change agents to educate and train Member staff at all levels to be powerful leaders in the development space.

Multilateral Engagement

Collective positioning through Grand Bargain facilitation, active engagement in the United Nations Inter-Agency Standing Committee, and other multilateral efforts.

Member Stats


Number of meetings held by InterAction staff with Congressional offices, UN agencies, and U.S. government departments in 2018


Percentage of InterAction Member organizations located outside Washington, D.C.

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Our Members

InterAction works to mobilize our Member organizations, which bring in an estimated $15 billion of private funding, to collectively advocate for policies and solutions that advance the lives of people in the poorest and most marginalized positions.

Working Groups

InterAction facilitates more than 20 Working Groups, from region-focused to sector-specific, which convene Member staff to share information, organize advocacy, and promote ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions