Photo by Rahmad Himawan is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

Food Security, Nutrition, and Agriculture

Since 2015, progress on global food security and malnutrition has rapidly declined. The number of people facing acute food insecurity has more than doubled since 2019, with over 258 million people in immediate danger from hunger today.

Currently, multiple overlapping and compounding crises are contributing to an unprecedented scale of global hunger and malnutrition, exposing the lack of resilience and entrenched systemic challenges within the global agrifood system. The scale and scope of the current crisis is renewing attention to the challenge of global hunger, pushing policymakers to look for solutions, which is where InterAction fits in. 

InterAction’s Food Security, Nutrition, and Agriculture (FSNA) programming drives engagement on global hunger issues and tracks humanitarian and development challenges impacting food insecurity and malnutrition. Our Member coalition serves as a key stakeholder and thought partner for U.S. government agencies and supports legislative advocacy on all relevant food security, agriculture, and nutrition appropriations accounts, bills, and resolutions. The FSNA Working Group also engages with U.N. agencies and other multilateral organizations and entities, and ensures that Congress continues to prioritize food security and malnutrition as necessary components for implementing sound, impactful, and inclusive U.S. foreign policy. 


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