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Our Board

About Our Board

InterAction is managed by a committed and active board of directors. Diverse in representation, we seek variety in NGO size, geographic representation, a mix of faith-based and secular organizations, CEO gender, a balance of new and returning board members, and experience.

Board Chair
Carrie Hessler-Radelet
President & CEO, Project Concern International, a Global Communities Partner
Board Vice Chair
Abby Maxman
President & CEO, Oxfam America
Carol Jenkins
President & CEO, World Learning
Ex Officio
Samuel Worthington
CEO, InterAction
Amy Coughenour Betancourt
President & CEO, Cadasta
Anne Lynam Goddard
President & CEO, ChildFund International
Beth Ellen Holimon
CEO, Dining for Women
Charles Hooker
President & CEO, Keystone Human Services
David A. Weiss
President & CEO, Global Communities
Devin Hibbard
Founder and CEO, Street Business School
Dianne Calvi
President & CEO, Village Enterprises
Dr. Mohammed Hassan
CEO, Mercy Without Limits
Dr. Tessie San Martin
President & CEO, Plan International USA
Eskinder Negash
President & CEO, USCRI
James E. (Jamie) Morgan
CEO, Physicians for Peace
Jeff Whisenant
President and CEO, ReSurge International
Job Heintz
CEO, Himalayan Cataract Project
John T. Stephens
Executive Director, The BOMA Project
Kate Bunting
CEO, HelpAge USA
Kathy Spahn
President & CEO, Helen Keller International
Loyce Pace
President & Executive Director, Global Health Council
Michael Nyenhuis
President & CEO, UNICEF USA
Michelle Nunn
President & CEO, CARE USA
Mohamed Idris
Co-Founder & Executive Director, American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa
Nancy Wilson
President and CEO, Relief International
Pape Amadou Gaye
President Emeritus, IntraHealth
Patrick Fine
CEO, FHI 360
Sharif Aly
CEO, Islamic Relief USA
Susan Sygall
CEO and Co-Founder, Mobility International USA