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Other Crises

We monitor and offer support to Members working to address crises happening around the world, such as disasters and man-made famines, as well as countries in conflict where civilians may be harmed by ongoing fighting.

InterAction takes direction from our Members and the populations they serve through our working groups, which serve as the main forum where Member staff can share information, organize advocacy, and promote ideas. We then use this information to coordinate advocacy with Congress, the Administration, and relevant international bodies.


Crises & Countries in Conflict

Haiti Gang Violence Deepens Risk of Food Insecurity

Haiti has seen repetitive crises and instability for decades, characterized by chronic socio-political instability, rampant violence—including sexual and gender-based violence, particularly toward women and girls—recurring…
Mar 26, 2024
Humanitarian Coordination & Practice

Syria-Türkiye Earthquake Anniversary

After thirteen years of persistent hostilities, mass displacement, and economic failure, a series of earthquakes hit the Turkish-Syria border, further exacerbating Syria’s existing crisis and…
Te'a Williams
Feb 8, 2024