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NGO Futures

The global landscape is rapidly transforming due to a multitude of factors—economic warfare, cyberwarfare, technological inequalities, environmental degradation, and lack of resilience, among others. Concurrently, power dynamics are shifting inside the NGO landscape, with a growing emphasis on locally led development. Nevertheless, NGOs must continue to implement programming as they analyze how to adapt their financing, business engagements, and operational strategies.

The InterAction NGO Futures program helps Member organizations navigate this landscape. More specifically, InterAction provides a forum for executives to share promising transformational changes and organizational adaptations, and process stuck points and concerning developments. In the past, subject matter experts and thought leaders have been invited to share ideas on revenue diversification, resetting boards of directors, building risk intelligent cultures, and implementing real-world DEI. 

Additionally, InterAction publishes an annual insights report based off 100+ CEO responses and a monthly digest highlighting major changes and tips from across the sector.

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Leadership Development

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