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Children and Youth

We work to better integrate and elevate children and youth issues in our coalition’s advocacy. Our diverse membership includes many NGOs working and advocating on behalf of children and youth around the globe, often with a focus on topics such as the early years, education, health, or adolescent girls.


Global Development

At the Heart of Education Recovery

Recovering from major disruptions to education continues to be a global priority as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. Teachers are our best tool to confront these…
Jack Berson
Oct 5, 2021
Global Development

Toward Holistic Childhood Development

With approximately 150 million more children living in multidimensional poverty without access to education, health care, housing, nutrition, sanitation, or water as a result…
Ned Flanagan
Jul 8, 2021
Global Development

Supporting Vulnerable Children During The Pandemic

Children’s early childhood experiences have long-lasting effects on their health, development, and quality of life. Ensuring children are nourished, cared for, and safe during this…
Carolyn Moore
Nov 17, 2020
Global Development

Her Voice, Our Equal Future

Since 1995, October 11 has been globally recognized as the International Day of the Girl, an annual campaign to amplify girls’ voices and advocate for…
Josephine Thornton
Oct 9, 2020
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