Woman holding her crying child in a crowd of people looking to find transport out of Afrin Syria
Photo By: Afshin Ismaeli

Syrian Civil War (2011- present)

The humanitarian situation in Syria continues to be extremely critical, marked by prolonged conflict, extensive damage to public infrastructure, a severe economic downturn, food insecurity, and an elevated risk of cholera outbreaks.

The country faces the largest displacement crisis in the world, with the majority of families affected residing in overcrowded makeshift camps and precarious shelters after having endured multiple displacements. Years of underfunding humanitarian appeals have left the humanitarian community with inadequate resources to alleviate the suffering of affected communities.

InterAction and its Members working in Syria and the region continue to raise awareness of the crisis and advocate for increased funding and direct support for NGOs, particularly Syrian-led humanitarian organizations. Our coalition also seeks to reduce bureaucratic and administrative impediments and prioritize diplomacy on principled humanitarian access to ensure continued delivery of aid into and within Syria.


Humanitarian Coordination & Practice

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Humanitarian Coordination & Practice

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