A rescue worker hold a small injured child in front of a partially destroyed apartment building

Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict


Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

Embracing the Protection Outcome Mindset

Reducing the risk experienced by people in situations of armed conflict is both possible and essential. NEW: Watch the full webinar announcing InterAction Results-Based Protection…
Jun 11, 2020
Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

An Invisible Threat

Chemical weapons (C.W.) invoke a unique, inherent fear in people in a way most conventional weapons do not, making them a particularly nefarious means…
Sarah Malhotra
Nov 30, 2019
Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment

Zero Tolerance for Doing Nothing

With this three-year project, InterAction will work with its members towards the goal of preventing sexual harassment and abuse of and by NGO staff.
Helen Pleger
Soshana Hashmie
Mar 13, 2019
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