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Humanitarian Work Is Being Blocked By Bureaucracy

There is a growing trend around the world towards the use of bureaucratic rules and regulations to contain and control humanitarian access, limiting the ability to save lives.

March 23, 2017
A group of people pass construction materials to each other as a new house is being built
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South Sudan Will Now Charge $10,000 For An Aid Worker Permit. Why?

It's unclear whether the fee would apply only to newcomers or to those already there as well. Whatever the case, the amount is "absolutely unheard of globally."

March 23, 2017
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DfID’s Lowcock Welcomed As New OCHA Head, But Faces Challenges

Mark Lowcock, the new United Nations humanitarian chief, will have his work cut out for him when he soon takes the reigns of a shrinking U.N. Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs

May 26, 2017
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A Crackdown On Financial Crime Means Global Banks Are Derisking

In a recent survey, two-thirds of NGOs had experienced financial problems such as delayed transfers or bank account closure, threatening their operations.

July 8, 2017
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8 Aid Groups Launch Rare Shared Fundraising Drive

Eight international organizations are teaming up Monday for an unusual collaboration: a two-week fundraising campaign aimed at raising money quickly to alleviate famine in several African countries and Yemen.

July 17, 2017
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Maintaining a Moral Argument for Foreign Aid

When we act in a manner inspired by principles or ideals, our country succeeds in saving lives and creating a more stable world.

July 18, 2017
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The Portfolio Model Of Foreign Assistance

If the United States wants to maximize the value of its foreign aid, it needs a fresh paradigm that supports the purpose of foreign assistance.

August 11, 2017
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Advocacy NGO Shining A Light On Sexual Assault Of Aid Workers Set To Close

Former InterAction President Lindsay Coates comments on the closing of Report the Abuse, the pioneering NGO that lifted the lid on the alarming number of cases of sexual abuse and harassment against female aid workers.

August 14, 2017
A woman and her young child walk in the middle of the desert passing by a large makeshift shelter for displaced people.
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Special Feature: American Public Opinion On Aid In The Trump Era

What does polling data tell us about the public’s opinion of foreign assistance during the Trump presidency? And more importantly, what can and should the development community do about it?

August 29, 2017
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Lowcock Starts At OCHA, Casts Attention To Aid Worker Security

"There is a whole list of crises he could be speaking out how does he determine which of those he is going to spend his energy and time speaking to member states and donors about and calling attention to?"

September 8, 2017