InterAction Joins Multi-Stakeholder Pledge on Climate Action at Global Refugee Forum

Photo by Al Nasim Talukdar is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

InterAction Joins Multi-Stakeholder Pledge on Climate Action at Global Refugee Forum

InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of international NGOs and partners, is pleased to announce that it will submit a pledge under the umbrella of the Multistakeholder Pledge on Climate Action at the Second Global Refugee Forum (GRF). As climate change intensifies, it is essential to address its impacts across all areas.

As a large membership organization, InterAction and its Members are recognized leaders on a broad range of issues, from humanitarian system reform to climate finance and act as a resource for the sector on diverse topics, including housing, land, and property rights, and shelter and settlements programming. InterAction plans to use its position within the sector to maximize the implementation of the Climate Action Pledge.

The GRF, which will take place December 13 to 15 in Geneva, Switzerland, is the world’s largest international gathering on refugees designed to support the implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees. The GRF, which convenes every four years, is intended to build on momentum made since the first GRF in 2019, and track progress toward the following key objectives:

  • Ease pressures on host countries.
  • Enhance refugee self-reliance.
  • Increase access to third-country solutions.
  • Improve conditions in countries of origin.

The Climate Action Pledge aims to “contribute to strengthening the protection, preparedness, and resilience of refugees, other forcibly displaced and stateless people, and their host communities to climate impacts now and in the future.”

In its pledge submission, InterAction commits to advocating for the inclusion of displaced people in climate action policies, and advancing the understanding of housing, land, and property rights and the Settlements Approach within the NGO sector. InterAction also commits to continue to advocate for robust climate finance that increases resilience of the most vulnerable populations.

InterAction recognizes that climate action is essential for ensuring sustainable development gains and reducing humanitarian needs, two foundational elements to achieving the Global Compact on Refugee’s objectives.

The full pledge can be viewed HERE.

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