InterAction’s 17th Annual Photo Contest Winners

Photo By:  Teo Liak Song is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

InterAction’s 17th Annual Photo Contest Winners

InterAction is pleased to announce the winners of our 17th Annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest.

Each year, InterAction hosts a photography contest during Forum that focuses on showcasing the incredible humanitarian and development work being done throughout the world. This year, we received over 500 entries from individuals all over the world. After narrowing the submissions down, five professional photographers from the DC area were tasked with selecting each of the winning photos. These photos can be viewed below.

Thank you to all our participants for submitting your incredible photos this year!

Honorable Mention

Photo By: Alamsyah Rauf
A group of children playing in the mud after a game of football.

3rd Place

Photo By: Antonio Aragon Renuncio
A young boy draws on a blackboard his parents created in their house. In recent years, Burkina Faso has become the target of terrorist attacks. Families fearing an attack have started keeping their children at home and choosing to educate them there.

2nd Place

Photo By: Antonio Aragon Renuncio
Two blind girls playing happily during classroom recess, photographed at a school for blind or visually impaired students. Children with disabilities run a high risk of being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by their families. These children have a passion for learning — a key to helping improve their future lives.

Grand Prize Winner

Photo By: Teo Liak Song
A charcoal worker travels outside of his hometown to work more than 12 hours a day in order earn enough income to support his family.