Member Statements: Israeli Forces Open Fire on Palestinians Seeking Food Aid in Gaza

Member Statements: Israeli Forces Open Fire on Palestinians Seeking Food Aid in Gaza

In response to the attacks on Palestinians in Gaza City waiting for food aid, our Members have issued statements. Click on each Member’s name to read their full statement:


Bread for the World


“I have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of war on the innocent civilians trapped in Gaza in a recent medical mission organized by medglobal as part of the WHO EMT initiative.Seeing the deaths and injuries among children and other civilians, the collapse of the healthcare system, the increase in outbreaks, malnutrition, and heightened insecurity has deeply affected me. This should never have occurred. Our nation bears a moral responsibility to halt the bombardments, enhance humanitarian aid, and spearhead efforts to rally the regional and international community in rebuilding Gaza. The children of Gaza have endured far too much suffering, and they deserve a future as promising and healthy as that of our own children.” – Dr. Zaher Sahloul, President of MedGlobal.

Life for Relief and Development

“Life for Relief and Development is working on the ground and sending humanitarian aid into Gaza including critically needed flour, food aid, tents, and blankets. We urgently call for a ceasefire, and an end to the war to prevent further civilian casualties and provide the them with critically needed humanitarian relief.” – Dr. Hany Saqr, CEO of Life for Relief and Development (LIFE)


Tom Hart, President and CEO of InterAction, the leading alliance of non-governmental organizations and partners in the United States, released the following statement in response to the alarming news of Israeli forces opening fire on Palestinians waiting in line for food aid in Gaza.


Project HOPE

International Rescue Committee

Save the Children

Islamic Relief USA

Refugees International

Mercy Corps

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