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Our Board

About Our Board

InterAction is managed by a committed and active board of directors. Diverse in representation, we seek variety in NGO size, geographic representation, a mix of faith-based and secular organizations, CEO gender, a balance of new and returning board members, and experience.

Board Chair
President & CEO, Project Concern International, a Global Communities Partner
Board Vice Chair
President & CEO, Oxfam America
President & CEO, World Learning
Ex Officio
CEO, InterAction
President & CEO, Cadasta
President & CEO, ChildFund International
CEO, Together Women Rise
President & CEO, Keystone Human Services
President & CEO, Global Communities
Founder and CEO, Street Business School
President & CEO, Village Enterprises
CEO, Mercy Without Limits
President & CEO, Plan International USA
President & CEO, USCRI
CEO, Physicians for Peace
President and CEO, ReSurge International
CEO, Himalayan Cataract Project
CEO, The BOMA Project
President & CEO, Helen Keller International
President & CEO, UNICEF USA
President & CEO, CARE USA
Co-Founder & Executive Director, American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa
President Emeritus, IntraHealth
CEO, FHI 360
CEO, Islamic Relief USA
CEO and Co-Founder, Mobility International USA