October 03, 2023 | 12:00PM-1:00PM

Enhancing Cybersecurity for International NGOs in the Digital Age

In today's interconnected world, the critical work of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) is increasingly vulnerable to the advances of cybercriminal groups.

Despite their pivotal roles, these organizations often find themselves underinvesting in cybersecurity measures, rendering them susceptible to attacks that compromise sensitive information. Of particular concern is the fact that these organizations hold invaluable data about the most vulnerable populations, which cybercriminals threaten to expose unless their demands are met.

The landscape of cyber threats is evolving rapidly, with criminal entities continuously refining their techniques and expanding their operations. This evolution involves collaborative efforts with skilled researchers and the utilization of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to identify and exploit vulnerabilities for precisely targeted cyberattacks. The Dark Web is growing. And malicious use of AI-generated attacks is advancing.

Addressing this urgent concern, we invite you to an insightful session led by U.S. INGO cyber-experts. This event aims to illuminate cybersecurity's pivotal role in ensuring INGO operations' continuity. Content will be universally useful, providing actionable insights and next steps required to bolster defenses and mitigate potential threats.

Join us in this event to develop awareness, protect your organization's integrity, maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data, and uphold the invaluable services provided to those who depend on INGOs the most. Together we can fortify the digital resilience of the INGO community and ensure a safer digital future for all.


Moderator: Eric O’Neill, General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer, Global Communities

  • Billy Blake, CIO, Global Communities
  • Em Fackler, CIO & COO, International Rescue Committee
  • Farah Abbas, Director of Technology & Information Management, Oxfam America
  • Joel Urbanowicz, Senior Director of Digital Workplace Services, Global Knowledge & Information Management, Catholic Relief Services
  • Mark Sedman, Head of Global Cyber Security, WaterAid


This event is for InterAction Members and Partners only.

For more information, contact Raina Fox, rfox@interaction.org, or Deborah Willig, dwillig@interaction.org.

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